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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dubya - A - R

Although my street is clearly residential and has a posted speed limit of 25 mph, drivers regularly treat it as a speedway.

Tomorrow I am calling the police, the office of city planning, and whomever else I have to to get something done.

I'm hoping for a sting operation with speeders executed immediately by the roadside and their cars crushed and left as messages to other would be villains.

...But I'll settle for a stop sign being put in where my street meets another ("yield" is routinely performed at 45 mph there) and/or a few speed bumps. I'd preferably like them unmarked so they tear the hell out of speeders' chassis*, but I'll settle for the ones painted white and with warning signs in advance.

What I won't settle for is being practically mowed down again while walking one of the dogs with the youngest. And I'm terrified what could happen to the oldest, who is severely hearing impaired.

Mark your calendars and clear some room in Guantánamo . This means war.

*Yes, I looked this up. Put it in the column with fish and moose. The plural form is the same as the singular.
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