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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What did I ever do to you?

Dear Harris Teeter:

I understand it's nearly impossible for you to keep Lean Cuisine Paninis in stock, though you would think from the tracking our VIC cards provide, you'd know demand is much higher than what you've been stocking. You haven't had any in stock in 3 weeks. But I understand. Really.

But now you've gone and run out of my Tab. My Tab, yo. This is an outrage. This is way over the line. You've left me no alternative. I'm off to Lowe's. I hate their layout, and they don't have nearly the cleanliness rating from the health department, but if they have Tab, I'm buying it, and if they have Paninis, I'm going to ask them to go steady.

Possibly no longer yours,
Very Important Irate Customer

PS: I understand now my friend Ebeth's temptation to refer to you as the Hairy Peter.
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