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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm old

I know this because I found myself rocking out yesterday in my car to a-ha's Take on Me. And I was white-man overbiting while seat-dancing.

Holy Crap.

Blame Hitz 94.1. They have large blocks of 80s hits. It's the first button I try when I start up the car. I even asked my children to be quiet the other day so I could listen to Madonna's Crazy for You and reminisce about good times at junior high dances. I used to look so fine in my very blue Guess jeans, Forenza sweaters from The Limited, and Mia shoes, oversized dangly faux-silver earrings and stacks of faux-silver bangle bracelets tarnishing my skin as I swayed .

When I got home, I'd pick up the tan wall phone in the basement and dial my best friend's number so we could talk about who like-liked each other. You know, liked.

Good times. And Hitz94.1 brings it all back.
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