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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I've spent the last two days looking for birds, looking at pictures of birds, reading about birds, talking about birds...

I blame the heron on the roof. The seven year old wanted a book so we didn't have to call Grandpa the next time, and said as much to him. Yesterday, my father dropped off a copy of Birds of the Carolinas, which is organized by primary color and has large color photos of every bird.

Voila - the child is hooked, and I'm trying to balance his budding interest in ornithology with a healthy disinterest for when bird flu hits town. I know, I know, Sam the Straight Answer Ma'am said we'd nothing to worry about, but I really don't care for her column, so I'm disregarding her position on this issue.

I'd love to see another heron as close as my roof. Beautiful, beautiful bird.
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