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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Summer Birthdays and Kindergarten

Registration for next year's preschool was this week. Although the youngest will only be four when the next school year starts, I am already planning on an extra year before kindy, as his birthday falls in August, plus he seems on the younger side. That gives me two more years with my baby before he goes off to all-day school. I call that extra year "bonus Mommy time".

When the oldest was approaching kindergarten age, I made the same decision, based too on his birthday (September) and maturity (young). But we didn't live here then, and the preschools where we lived had no such thing as a Readiness Class, so he repeated the curriculum for four year olds. While it wasn't ideal, it was better than pushing him into an academic rigor for which he was unready.

But now we live here, and almost every school I've looked at has Readiness, a special class for those children old enough by State Law to attend Kindergarten, but just not quite ready, with a curriculum that discusses concepts in more detail than regular preschool but not with the same seriousness of kindergarten. And I think the very concept is splendid.

Kindergarten Enrollment in Forsyth County
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