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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cardboard and Fire Trucks

Again this week I am opting not to place my cardboard curbside for pickup with other recyclables. Why, you ask? Because frankly I find the requirements akin to demanding I giftwrap it. To wit:

Flatten or cut in pieces 3 x 3 feet or less.
Bundle & tie with string (NO wire, fishing line or tape).
Place next to green recycling container(s).
NO pizza boxes or boxes with grease or food residue or packing materials.

source: http://www.cityofws.org/Recycling/Cardboard_/cardboard_.html

When's the last time you tried to fold cardboard into 3 foot pieces? No, one really has to cut it. And then one is required to tie it even if one only has one box to be recycled. If one thinks one can get away with less strictly adhering to this protocol, one is sadly mistaken and will be greeted by the site of one's cardboard left behind by the recycling truck.

No. It is far easier for me to let it build up, then load the kids and the cardboard into my car, and take the cardboard, unsized and untied, to one of the nine drop-off sites for cardboard recycling, all of which are located at fire stations.

curbside = cutting or folding (ha!) and tying with string.
drop-off site = no prep PLUS bonus firetruck spotting

Other than the corrugated cardboard, though, I'm rather impressed with the scale of the recycling program here. In our household, we are able to recycle almost half of what traditionally would be thrown away.
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